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Bed and Breakfast in Breukelen

                Sleep, eat, GO and come back.

Bed and Breakfast Breukelen is closed.

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Come and visit the picturesque Breukelen, situated on the Vecht and spend the night in a double room for a maximum of three people. Enjoy a delicious continental breakfast served with tea or coffee and orange juice in the morning and wine and dine in one of a variety of restaurants (to suit all pockets) in the town centre, within walking distance from the B & B (about 500 metres), in the evening. The room is equipped with a tea and coffeemaker, and a stereo.
Bed and Breakfast Breukelen is the ideal stopover for cyclists ad walkers. The area has lots to offer, such as a long distance walk through Breukelen along the Marskramer path, The cycle route Hollandse Waterlinie is right on our doorstep. Not far from the B and B Breukelen you can rent a bike and enjoy the beautiful countryside around Breukelen.

Breukelen and the surrounding area have lots to offer for everyone. From a nice tour of Breukelen to strolling through Gunterstein; the Lake District of Loosdrecht has great potential and the picturesque villages on the Vecht, such as Loenen, Maarssen and Vreeland are well worth a visit.